I have tried many paths on my healing, but it was my own spiritual awakening that helped me the most.

This was the discovery of my soul and all its healing powers, wisdom and love. The more deeply connected I became with my soul the harder it was for me to fall back into old patterns of thinking and being that had overshadowed my earlier life. Now it has become my passion to help you do the same, so you can receive the healing you deserve.


Our souls are enriched by the struggles in our lives, creating opportunities to awaken, align and ignite healing. As we look at our struggles through the eyes of the soul, we discover wisdom to help guide us on our journey. As your soul rises, you will begin to heal and step into your power. Imagine what it would feel like to know your soul, your true authentic self and your purpose in life!

I use all my 25 years clinical experience as a Chinese Medical Practitioner, therapist, intuitive coach, energy healer, and psychic in sessions to guide you on your healing journey. As a best selling author, I have shared my earlier spiritual awakening and struggles in The Elevation of the Femalepreneur Volume 4.

I also provide energy readings, vibrational frequency therapy and spiritual development in the Spiritualpreneurs Academy aiming to connect you with the power of your soul and cultivate this relationship to ignite healing and transformation. You can attend classes for inspiration, empowerment, personal growth and intuitive development.

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