Jo Crowell

Raising your frequency from within

I want you to love what you do and feel excited about the shape of your future. My coaching programme is designed to get you moving and ready to take your life in the new and exciting direction you crave.


Are you ready to unlock your spirituality?


Authentic Power

Empowerment starts with knowing who you are and what you really want and having the confidence to stay true to that through life’s ups and downs.

I can help you discover the deeper answers to the questions you’re asking today, so you can be fully empowered in life and business.

‘Trust your instincts, intuition doesn’t lie’ – Oprah Winfrey

One of the greatest natural powers we possess is the gift of intuition. That intuitive knowing that guides us and leads us towards the right direction, towards something greater. What is your intuition telling you right now?

The world is waking up to the power of the Feminine Energy that provides us with the gifts of intuition, collaboration, trust, empathy and a deeper level of emotional intelligence. These qualities are already naturally inside of you, they have just been suppressed for a very long time.


Beautiful soul it’s time to step into your power

Healing isn’t the long, difficult process you imagine. With energetic alignment shifts can be instantaneous.

I will intuitively guide you to identify the problem most requiring resolution, unravelling the ways the problem is playing out in your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic bodies.

We dig deep into your entire underlying past-present-future story to uncover the subconsciously held limiting beliefs, blocks and traumas that are at the root cause of unhealthy patterns, feelings of stuck and self-sabotaging behaviour.

I bring all of what is hidden into the light, deepening your ability to understand and align with your own transformation. This will allow you to actively engage in your own healing process.

With clarity and alignment, I facilitate your release of old patterns, imbalances and traumas from everywhere within your energetic field. This allows wholeness to return as you let go of all the baggage that had been holding you back from being you.

We then re-align your conscious and subconscious minds to create new possibilities and unlimited potential. This is where the authentic transformation begins.

A variety of tools and modalities may be called upon during a session, as intuitively guided. We may use energy clearing, breathwork, emotional release, cord cutting, epigenetic and ancestral trauma release, manifestation, mediation techniques, mindset education, frequency healing, shadow and archetypal work and much more. Your session arrives through you and for you.


you rock

Working together was a complete joy. Our business is completely transformed by working with tribe.

amazing results

JOANNE ENERGY INTUITIVE helped us transform our business and get the amazing results that we knew we deserved.



Taking Time Out

Taking Time Out

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Organizing Your Life

Organizing Your Life

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Finding Inspiration

Finding Inspiration

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Get out of your Own Way

Limiting beliefs about yourself and the world around you were there to initially protect you, but they no longer serve your highest purpose. They now create lack, stuck energy and imbalance, causing you to be out of alignment. The good news is, you can painlessly release these beliefs, even those you are not aware of yet.